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Individual Sex Therapy

Get help from a qualified Sexologist with common concerns like libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and painful sex.  Sex therapy can help you have a better sex life and learn the tools to increase sexual confidence.

Couples Counselling

Relationship counselling isn’t a death sentence for couples! Learn how to communicate better, work with different libidos, and reignite the passion. It is common for relationships and marriages to need a tune up and seek therapy at some stage.

Sex Therapy FAQs

What is sex therapy, what is Sexology, how can a psychosexual therapist help you? Find out more on how a sex therapist can help you improve your sex life.

Common Sexual & Relationship Concerns

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Sexual issues are a very normal thing to experience.

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Relationships end in divorce
20- 0 %
Men experience premature/rapid ejaculation
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Australian women suffer anorgasmia
Number of times a week Australians have sex

Sexologist Blog

Read our latest blog posts on a variety of topics about sexuality, relationships, and life.

Anal Play for Beginners

Both genders can freak out when the term anal play is thrown around.  Some people can get really nervous, and imagine large objects being inserted

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