Sex Therapy FAQs

A psychosexual therapist (sex therapist) is a specialist in handling sexual health matters that range from sexual functioning/dysfunctions, sex education, knowledge of anatomy, STI’s, atypical sexual behaviours, to sexual response models. They posses advanced qualifications in order to understand the above and have a background in a behavioural science such as psychology, counselling, or social work. They also have specific training and an advanced degree in sexual health or sexology. Adhering to a code of ethics and having accreditation with a related governing body like the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) or Australian Psychology Society (APS) also further qualifies this profession.

Sexology is the study of human sexuality, and the many aspects it encompasses. Examples: relationships, reproduction, love, arousal, gender, sexual functioning, and sexual response.

Unfortunately Medicare at this time does not provide a rebate for psychosexual therapists.

Everything that we discuss in session is highly confidential and discretion is held in the upmost regard. The only reasons records would be released is in the unusual event of a subpoena, or in the event of self harm or harming someone else.

As a professional member of the ACA and SAS, we adhere to a strict code of ethics through both affiliates.

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Some clients may only need educational information, which could take 1 session. Other clients and couples potentially could benefit from several sessions on a regular basis in order to see improvement. It really varies on a case-by-case basis.

We are happy to see both individuals and couples and do not discriminate in any way shape or form. Any gender, sexual preference, sexual identity, race, religion, and belief is accepted.

This can be a very tricky situation, as many people fear relationship counselling and couples therapy. You could potentially explain to your partner your reasons for initiating counselling, and that a non-biased, non-judgmental third party can help you navigate conversations to potentially resolves issues. Communication is generally one of the biggest issues a couple will face, and there is no telling the wealth of knowledge you can learn about yourself and your partner once you embark on therapy together.

Please contact us directly in order to help resolve your issue. Also familiarize yourself with the Code of Conduct for General Health services Victoria here:

If you feel this needs to be escalated, contact the Health Complaints Commissioner at or on 1300 582 113.

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